LeBron finishes alley-oop, gets an offensive rebound and put-back on ensuing possession (VIDEO)

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Lebron. Enough said

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LeBron James is pretty good at the whole basketball thing.

After getting way up to guide an alley-oop pass from Kyrie Irving in for two points, James is in the right place at the right time on the ensuing possession, and cleans up an Irving airball for another bucket, while three Washington defenders simply stood and watched.

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Is Jordy Nelson the most underrated receiver in the NFL?

17 Nov

Jordy Nelson 1

Jordy Nelson continues quietly to be one the best big play receivers in the NFL. With the emergence of Randall Cobb and being completely healthy, Nelson brings the long ball threat that he first showed in his 2011 breakout season.

He has averaged over 15 yards per catch was among the best for receivers with 85 or more receptions. He also has an unbelievable synergy with his QB Aaron Rodgers that aids his ability to make the spectacular catch in the clutch

His stats…more

Is Lebron James staying in Cleveland to play football?

14 Aug

Leron James as a Cleveland BROWN

Leron James as a Cleveland BROWN

Over the years there have been several articles to speculate if Lebron James could play in the NFL.

I believe the answer to that question is sometime n the next 2-3 years. 

To see a video from his High School days, go to www.realtalksports.net 

Here are signs of move to football soon

  1. Age. Lebron will be 32 in 2016. That will leave him just enough spring in his legs to play 1-2 years in the NFL
  2. Others in the media have talked about it every year. One of us must have it right :-)
  3. Johnny Manziel-The arrival of ‘Johnny Football’ marks the beginning of the return of the Browns to NFL credibility. In 2 yrs johnny should be a top tier NFL QB and the 6’8” James would bring another target for him, especially in the Red Zone.
  4. He bulked up this year. He showed he still moved well at 270 lbs in the NBA. 6’8″  270 lbs Tight End with speed. Whoa!
  5. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already put in the No Dunking rule to get ready for Lebron
  6. It has some precedent, MJ did it.- Michael Jordan showed that leaving one pro sport to play another could be done. Also there have been other 2 sport athletes like Brain Jordan and of course Deion Sanders here in Atlanta
  7. His contract he signed with Cavs is only for 2 years with option to opt out.
  8. Urges Cleveland to trade for Kevin Love so he can win NBA title now. Lebron would feel comfortable about leaving Cavs if he had helped get them a title first
  9. He loves football. Do Google search and see previous comments from James and others
  10. He loves Ohio.This would be the ultimate hometown kid does good if Lebron James could bring the city if Cleveland an NBA title AND a trip to the Super Bowl

We correctly predicted his return to the Cavs over a year ago. Can we be right again?

#Lebron #Staytuned #NFL

Lebron James Returns Home to Cleveland-Why?

15 Jul

lebron-james cleve si cover


ebron-james-jpg2 cleve redLerbron leaves Heat

The Decision #2 has been made official. A 2 yr deal to go back home to Cleveland. The question for some is why. James answered many in the article he wrote for Sports Illustrated. But before he told SI, we gave the reasons on our radio show why James would return to Cleveland

Why Lebron Is Going Back-Click HERE




Tim Howard takes over from Landon Donovan as Face of US Men’s Soccer

15 Jul




Tim Howard world_cup_hands raised


The World Cup 2014 is in the books. Germany defeating Argentina 1-0 in extra time. Germans are celebrating their championship. Americans also are celebrating their surprising advance to the 2nd round and a new hero…Tim Howard

Howard was the glue that held together the USMNT in their magical run. His play was at it’s most spectacular in the tourney ending loss to Belgium. His record setting # of saves in the 1st half kept the match from turning into a rout.

His daring, yet steady play has now elevated him at the end of his career to US Soccer Star



Jurgen Klinsmann explains his decision (From LA Galaxy)

24 May USA Coach Jurgen Klinsmann
Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan

USA Coach Jurgen Klinsmann

USA Coach Jurgen Klinsmann








Jurgen Klinsmann explains his decision. (Click Here to view Video) This is video of USA Mene’s Soccer Coach Jurgen Klinsman speaking about his decision to leave Landon Donovan, the face of US Men’s sooccer (Footall) of the Us World Cup team. In listnening to sports talk radio here in Atlanta, it seems like fans are now split 50-50 to whether this the right decision. Iniitially talk of him slowing down, or possibly not having recovered for m an injury made the decision seem ok. Now fans are reconsidering due to Landon’s past exploits and veteran leadership. The answer will e found in Brazil soon enough








Report: Alabama legend Derrick Thomas finally a College Football Hall of Famer

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Great news for the family of great player and good man who so tragically, so young

Originally posted on CollegeFootballTalk:

The College Football Hall of Fame induction class for 2014 will be revealed, officially, Thursday, but word is out on one player that will finally be immortalized among the greats. Alabama’s Derrick Thomas will see his long overdue call to the hall be answered.

Brett McMurphy of ESPN.com was first with the report (via Twitter).

Although a successful career in the NFL is not necessarily a component for the College Football Hall of Fame, Thomas sure packs a loaded list of career achievements. Thomas was a nine-time Pro Bowl player, a member of the NFL’s 1990s All-Decade Team and the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award winner in 1993. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009 and owns six franchise records for the…

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Marcin Gortat dominates, re-raising all the same old questions about the Pacers

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Great stuff from the guys at Pro Basketall Talk

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:

In the first quarter, Marcin Gortat asserted himself. In the second, he was calling for the ball. By the third, he couldn’t stop smiling.

And in the fourth, he played.

Not that he needed to for long.

After sitting the entire fourth quarter of Game 4, Gortat posted 31 points and 16 rebounds – matching career-high scoring in any game and setting career playoff-high rebounding – to lead the Washington Wizards to a 102-79 win over the Indiana Pacers in Game 5 Tuesday.

By winning three straight games, the Pacers seemed to have put their problems behind them. But in passively dropping their series advantage to 3-2, Indiana suddenly looks every bit the mentally fragile and physically timid team that struggled late in the regular season and nearly lost to the Hawks in the first round.

When Gortat led the game for good early in the fourth quarter, he had…

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John Calipari: ‘I wouldn’t & couldn’t leave this group’

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Originally posted on CollegeBasketballTalk:

Mike D’Antoni resigned as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night, a move that sent a collective chill down the spine of every member of Big Blue Nation.

If you’ve forgotten, less than an hour before Kentucky was to take the court in the national title game against UConn, former Kentucky player and current broadcaster Rex Chapman tweeted out that Kentucky coach John Calipari was a “done deal” to take over the Laker job.

Cal also topped this list of potential replacements for D’Antoni, and that’s certainly not going to be the last time that his name gets tossed out there, which is why Calipari felt the need to fire out this tweet:

That’s now two…

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Georgia, Oklahoma set spring game attendance marks

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Just finished Final Four, Major League Baseball infull swing, NBA heading tiwards playoffs.In the south however vollege FB is still the king of sports

Originally posted on CollegeFootballTalk:

A couple of long-time coaches can still apparently pull in the fans after all of these years.

During the busiest spring game Saturday of the month of April, both Georgia and Oklahoma set records for spring game attendance.  The Bulldogs watched as 46,073 fans piled into Sanford Stadium, topping the mark of 45,113 set a year ago.  The Sooners, meanwhile, witnessed an unofficially official 43,500 patrons for their close to the spring.

Oddly enough, both of the programs are led by head coaches with more than a decade at the school — Bob Stoops since 1999 at OU, Mark Richt since 2001 at UGA — who at one time or the other have seen the media and fans play the “maybe they’ve stayed too long” card.

The Sooners ended the 2013 season on a high note, capping a four-game winning streak that will carry over to 2014 with a stunning…

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