Georgia, Oklahoma set spring game attendance marks

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Just finished Final Four, Major League Baseball infull swing, NBA heading tiwards playoffs.In the south however vollege FB is still the king of sports

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A couple of long-time coaches can still apparently pull in the fans after all of these years.

During the busiest spring game Saturday of the month of April, both Georgia and Oklahoma set records for spring game attendance.  The Bulldogs watched as 46,073 fans piled into Sanford Stadium, topping the mark of 45,113 set a year ago.  The Sooners, meanwhile, witnessed an unofficially official 43,500 patrons for their close to the spring.

Oddly enough, both of the programs are led by head coaches with more than a decade at the school — Bob Stoops since 1999 at OU, Mark Richt since 2001 at UGA — who at one time or the other have seen the media and fans play the “maybe they’ve stayed too long” card.

The Sooners ended the 2013 season on a high note, capping a four-game winning streak that will carry over to 2014 with a stunning…

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Mike Vick and George Zimmerman-Hyprocisy and Justice in America

6 Feb



Roland Martin has reported that a petition with over 60,000 signatures has been sent protesting Michael Vick being a guest speaker at an upcoming North Carolina Regional Chamber of Commerce event. In addition it is expected that over 1000 protesters may show up at the event as well. Isn’t the loss of Millions of dollars, almost 2 yrs in prison, multiple apologies, and meeting of the demands that Animal rights organizations asked for enough?Although I abhor the abuse of animals, I hope one day people have the same indignation towards Pit Bull owners who have had their animals maim and Kill Human Beings. Or the millions of Human Beings being slaughtered by abortion each year in the US. 

Meanwhile George Zimmerman, someone who killed another Human Being is setting up a “Celebrity Boxing” match.  Will there be the same, or higher level of protest for that? When will the nonsense end?  GOD only knows

“Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” Luke 7:35

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

3 Dec

Packers get big win vs division rival Vikings. Coupled with Bears stunning OT loss to Seahawks, the Pack move back to 1st place tie in NFC North

SEC Championship 2012-A Game of Contrasts

1 Dec
2012 SEC Championship

2012 SEC Championship

The Tale of Two Teams in the 2012 SEC Championship Game

‘Bama led by “The Professional” Nick Sabanand his near NFL caliber Crimson Tide. A Crimson Tide win means they march on to their 3rd BCS Championship Game in 4 yrs. The Saban legacy continues the sprint to catch that of the late, great Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant.

For Georgia a win becomes a program changer. ‘The Evangelist’ Mark Richt leading the Bulldogs to an upset victory would take the next step in restoring a glory not seen at UGA since the Herschel Walker/Coach Vince Dooley days.
It would chase away many of the demons lingering from Bulldog Nation disappointment the last few years.

All Americans and future NFL draft picks play for both teams. At stake the 2012 SEC Championship and a berth in the BCS Championship Game against Notre Dame in Miami.  no matter who wins, this game has the makings to be an instant classic.

As for us we are hoping that once again nice guys don’t have to finish last.  Bulldogs upset Crimson Tide in a thriller 26-24

Dwight Howard dominates as Lakers cruise past Nuggets

1 Dec


Lakers back to .500 but it will take time to see what this team is really about.

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:

The Lakers were coming off of a miserable 77-point performance against a defensive-minded Pacers team on Tuesday, and the Nuggets were coming to town after playing a wild one the night before on the road against the Warriors.

The combination of those two factors, along with Denver’s fearlessness in playing uptempo basketball, spelled disaster for them Friday night in Los Angeles.

The Lakers put up a ridiculous 71 first-half points, and behind a dominant performance from Dwight Howard and balanced production from everyone else, had little trouble in cruising to a 122-103 victory at Staples.

This one was over in the first quarter, and maybe even before it started. Reporters saw a message from Lakers coaches on the team’s whiteboard in the locker room which challenged Howard to win this game on his own, and he delivered from the very start.

Howard was featured offensively, and responded with 16 first-quarter…

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Falcons break Saints jinx with 23-13 win at home in the Dome

30 Nov

Falcons break Saints jinx with 23-13 win at home in the Dome. 

Although the Falcons are now 11-1, before the confetti hits the GA Dome floor doubts about the ‘Birds still remain. The Falcons jumped out to an early 17-0 lead behind the rejuvenated power running of RB Michael Turner. They also picked off 5 Drew Breez passes and stopped his consecutive TD pass streak at 54.In spite of this, the Falcons needed a late 50+ yd FG with 4 minutes to cement a 23-13 victory. 

Doubts remain about this team hinge on their inability to put teams away. Championship teams crush teams when they get ahead. Example Giants vs Packers last week. Packers on hot streak, 4 straight wins, just off SB victory 2 years ago. The Giants had been limping along the last 2 weeks with losses looking nothing look the defending champs. Final score 38-10 Giants. The Giants beat the Packers soundly in every phase of the game. They sent a message to the entire NFL they are force to be reckoned with this year. The Patriots crushed their division rivals the Jets 49-19. Until the Falcons show this type of killer instinct fans and pundits alike will remain skeptical. Still 11-1 in the NFL something to ‘Rise Up’ for.

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Brady fails to complete his ‘Bucket List’ by Losing Super Bowl

20 Feb


Tom Brady sat through interview after interview being asked how great OTHER QBs were playing. It was now about Rodgers, Brees, and even Tim Tebow. Although he was saying all the right things, his body language, and tone showed his irritation. He suddenly was the forgotten man. A guy who just a few years ago was being called the greatest.

Now 3 postseason losses in a row were causing people to say he was no longer ‘the man’ at QB.

At the end of the season however his chance to silence the critics.

  1. Show he was still the NFL’s Best QB
  2. Beat the Ravens in the Playoffs
  3. Beat the Giants in the Super Bowl

A dropped pass here, a dropped pass there. The bucket sadly had holes.  Well, in baseball 1 of 3 makes you a great hitter.

He’ll have to try again next year




Linsanity and Tebowmania=Intensity and Godliness

20 Feb

Play Hard, and Pray Hard

The public again has a New American Hero from the world of Sports. The Knicks Jeremy Lin. Similar in look to Bronco’s Tim Tebow whose aura still burns bright. Bold, Intensive, and Aggressive on the field or court. Humble, thoughtful, and gracious off the field/court. And of course always ready to give praise and honor to the their Lord and Savior JESUS Christ.

Surprisingly, their intensity and godliness has drawn most people to them instead of repulsing them. Seems like GOD is speaking to us again through mere men.

How exciting, from the minster’s point of view.   :-)

Super Bowl 46, Giants beat Patriots 21-17, Another Boston-New York Rivalry Simmers

7 Feb

Brady and Manning after SB 46                         New York’s  Manhattan Skyline






Boston’s Zakim Bridge

It was not unexpected the Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl again. Although the Pats were 2.5 point favorites, the Giants were the favorites on the street. But because the  Giants are from NY it adds the Boston v. New York ‘thing’ to the story

Beantown vs The Big Apple. The teams are etched in to Sports lore.

Hockey-The Bruins vs The Rangers, Basketball-Celtics vs. Knicks, and course the biggest of them all: Baseball-Red Sox vs Yankees.

Football used to be little less intense between the Patriots and the Jets. The AFC East had been dominated by teams like the Dolphins. And timing wasn’t there. When the Jets were good, Patriots weren’t and vice versa. When Jets got Coach Ryan a few years ago it seemed like a Jet-Patriot theing has developed

The Giants have  beaten the Patriots 3 of the last 4 times, including twice in the Super Bowl to thwart the Patriots march to historical glory.

Looks like new players  in the rivalry  has been added.  Eli Manning vs Tom Brady, Giant Defense vs Patriot offense, Bellichick vs Coughlin.

Boston vs New York continues

College Football Playoffs Take Another Step Forward

1 Dec

BCS Championship 2012...Is this the last year without a Playoff?



LSU is clear cut #1 coming into this week’s SEC Championship Game. Alabama having lost by 3 pts to LSU in OT, after missing 3 FGs, and having a sure TD pass intercepted at the goal line is definitely #2. With that being said why did Oklahoma State gain on Alabama is BCS rankings? What happens if Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma?

Does the fact that most people (Outside of the South) don’t want a rematch make it likely that Oklahoma State will jump over Alabama to become LSU’s opponent in the BCS Championship game? What if LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship? You would then have a logjam of Five 1 loss teams and an undefeated Houston Cougar team thrown into a conundrum!

With the advent of Super Conferences and the continued heavy handed tactics of the NCAA governing body, it would seem a ‘BCS Championship Playoffs’ is coming soon

A few of the proposals we will look at in an upcoming blog:

  • 4 Team BCS Semi Final and Championship Game featuring the Top 4 rated teams in a 2 game playoff
  • 8 Team BCS Championship Series with top 8 teams playing 1st round, semi final, and championship game

What do you think? Leave your comments and check back for the next installment of Colege Footbal Playoffs



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