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#1 Auburn beats #2 Oregon 22-19 to win the BCS National Championship. All is well in the world of College Football…Or is it? Undefeated Rose Bowl winners #3 TCU supporters think they deserve a crack at Auburn or split Nat’l title.  Both are undefeated. Makes sense we have one more game to settle it all, right?  ‘Plus One’ is really the code name for the solution I think makes a lot of sense. Plus one would create a BCS Final Four on New Years Day pitting the #1 team vs #4, and The #2 vs #3. The winners would then play the following week for the National Championship.

The main reason why this sensible option is stymied? The Rose Bowl, Pac-10 and Big Ten officials “Big Ten commissioners Jim Delany and Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen have said the university presidents they work for are opposed to moving the BCS to a plus-one, in part because it could make the Rose Bowl less attractive.” (from AP wire Jan. 7, 2008) What???? 2011 saw Top ranked Pac 10 team  (besides Oregon) #4 Stanford play in the ORANGE Bowl vs ACC Champ #13 VA Tech . Highest ranked Big Ten team #6 Wisconsin played #3 TCU from Mountain West in the Rose Bowl.  So they have split the Big Ten vs Pac-10 matchup already.

A BCS Final Four seems to be the best way to have the College FB champ decided on the field and still keep the Bowl system intact. This system would make New Years Day Bowls relevant again as viewers would be tuned into at least 2 of the games because of their new status as Nat’l Semi Final games. Stayed tuned for more with option #2.

What so you think?


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