Photo from Yahoo Sports

A Good Guy Finishes 1st. Humble Rodgers Leads Packers to Super Win. Packer QB Aaron Rodgers throws for over 300 yds and 3 TDs to lead Packers to 31-25 victory over the Steelers. The other big factor was the Green Bay ‘D’ forcing 3 big turnovers. The Lombardi trophy returns ‘home’ to Green Bay. How ironic that this game was played in Cowboy stadium by the 2 teams which were the biggest rivals to the Dallas franchise over the years-Green Bay in the 60’s and Pittsburgh in the 70’s

As much as I enjoyed watching Brett Favre’s Hall of Fame career for the Packers, his treatment of Aaron Rodgers, on again off again retirements, and sexual hijinks on the Jets diminished his stature in the eyes of many including myself. Rodgers during all the chaos remained a class act.  He kept his comments to a minimum, instead letting his play on the field speak for him. He’s gone on to break many of Favre’s single season records. Rodgers also has now done something Brett never did…be a Super Bowl MVP. He now has the same number of SB victories Brett has with potential to win more.

Kudos to Aaron Rodgers, Coach Mike McCarthy, and the Packer organization. And most of all thank the Lord Jesus for allowing us to enjoy this American Spectacle again safely and without incident.


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