BCS Championship 2012...Is this the last year without a Playoff?



LSU is clear cut #1 coming into this week’s SEC Championship Game. Alabama having lost by 3 pts to LSU in OT, after missing 3 FGs, and having a sure TD pass intercepted at the goal line is definitely #2. With that being said why did Oklahoma State gain on Alabama is BCS rankings? What happens if Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma?

Does the fact that most people (Outside of the South) don’t want a rematch make it likely that Oklahoma State will jump over Alabama to become LSU’s opponent in the BCS Championship game? What if LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship? You would then have a logjam of Five 1 loss teams and an undefeated Houston Cougar team thrown into a conundrum!

With the advent of Super Conferences and the continued heavy handed tactics of the NCAA governing body, it would seem a ‘BCS Championship Playoffs’ is coming soon

A few of the proposals we will look at in an upcoming blog:

  • 4 Team BCS Semi Final and Championship Game featuring the Top 4 rated teams in a 2 game playoff
  • 8 Team BCS Championship Series with top 8 teams playing 1st round, semi final, and championship game

What do you think? Leave your comments and check back for the next installment of Colege Footbal Playoffs



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