Brady and Manning after SB 46                         New York’s  Manhattan Skyline






Boston’s Zakim Bridge

It was not unexpected the Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl again. Although the Pats were 2.5 point favorites, the Giants were the favorites on the street. But because the  Giants are from NY it adds the Boston v. New York ‘thing’ to the story

Beantown vs The Big Apple. The teams are etched in to Sports lore.

Hockey-The Bruins vs The Rangers, Basketball-Celtics vs. Knicks, and course the biggest of them all: Baseball-Red Sox vs Yankees.

Football used to be little less intense between the Patriots and the Jets. The AFC East had been dominated by teams like the Dolphins. And timing wasn’t there. When the Jets were good, Patriots weren’t and vice versa. When Jets got Coach Ryan a few years ago it seemed like a Jet-Patriot theing has developed

The Giants have  beaten the Patriots 3 of the last 4 times, including twice in the Super Bowl to thwart the Patriots march to historical glory.

Looks like new players  in the rivalry  has been added.  Eli Manning vs Tom Brady, Giant Defense vs Patriot offense, Bellichick vs Coughlin.

Boston vs New York continues


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