Tom Brady sat through interview after interview being asked how great OTHER QBs were playing. It was now about Rodgers, Brees, and even Tim Tebow. Although he was saying all the right things, his body language, and tone showed his irritation. He suddenly was the forgotten man. A guy who just a few years ago was being called the greatest.

Now 3 postseason losses in a row were causing people to say he was no longer ‘the man’ at QB.

At the end of the season however his chance to silence the critics.

  1. Show he was still the NFL’s Best QB
  2. Beat the Ravens in the Playoffs
  3. Beat the Giants in the Super Bowl

A dropped pass here, a dropped pass there. The bucket sadly had holes.  Well, in baseball 1 of 3 makes you a great hitter.

He’ll have to try again next year




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