Leron James as a Cleveland BROWN
Leron James as a Cleveland BROWN

Over the years there have been several articles to speculate if Lebron James could play in the NFL.

I believe the answer to that question is sometime n the next 2-3 years. 

To see a video from his High School days, go to www.realtalksports.net 

Here are signs of move to football soon

  1. Age. Lebron will be 32 in 2016. That will leave him just enough spring in his legs to play 1-2 years in the NFL
  2. Others in the media have talked about it every year. One of us must have it right 🙂
  3. Johnny Manziel-The arrival of ‘Johnny Football’ marks the beginning of the return of the Browns to NFL credibility. In 2 yrs johnny should be a top tier NFL QB and the 6’8” James would bring another target for him, especially in the Red Zone.
  4. He bulked up this year. He showed he still moved well at 270 lbs in the NBA. 6’8″  270 lbs Tight End with speed. Whoa!
  5. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already put in the No Dunking rule to get ready for Lebron
  6. It has some precedent, MJ did it.- Michael Jordan showed that leaving one pro sport to play another could be done. Also there have been other 2 sport athletes like Brain Jordan and of course Deion Sanders here in Atlanta
  7. His contract he signed with Cavs is only for 2 years with option to opt out.
  8. Urges Cleveland to trade for Kevin Love so he can win NBA title now. Lebron would feel comfortable about leaving Cavs if he had helped get them a title first
  9. He loves football. Do Google search and see previous comments from James and others
  10. He loves Ohio.This would be the ultimate hometown kid does good if Lebron James could bring the city if Cleveland an NBA title AND a trip to the Super Bowl

We correctly predicted his return to the Cavs over a year ago. Can we be right again?

#Lebron #Staytuned #NFL


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