The College Playoff. An eclectic group of Athletic directors, coaches, and even a former US cabinet member. A 4 team playoff series. Everything would be in place for a fair, unbiased, transparent process to choose a National champion for Div 1 College Football. Instead we have a ranking system set up with no documented rule on picking the teams.

A new term called ‘game management’ and the ‘eye test’ have become the standard for picking the top 4 teams to play in the 1st College Football Playoffs, It seems like that, creating regional match ups in the 1st round, and a huge anti FSU and OSU bias were the main way the committee picked the teams in the last poll.

How else can you explain an UNDEFEATED, defending National champion dropping a spot, and another team jumping 3 Spots in the rankings.

The Big 12 conference even changed their criteria for picking a champion to help the committee justify moving TCU to the 3 spot jumping 12-0 FSU, and 11-1 Baylor who BEAT them in the regular season. Shame on this committee and NCAA for creating a selection process that lost it’s transparency, and sensibility


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