Three keys to a Patriot victory over the Seahawks

1) Run the ball. The Patriots must be able to run the ball effectively to keep the Seattle ‘D’ off balance. This would present some opportunities for Tom Brady to attack in the air through play action and match up mismatches

Patriots running game

2) Protect Tom Brady. The offensive line must be able to give Brady a clean pocket to work from. In the Patriots 2 Super Bowl losses to the Giants, New York was able to consistently get to Brady with just 4 rushers. This help stymie th epowerful New England offense and hold them to less than 20 points in each game

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

3) Contain Wilson and Lynch. The Patriots ‘D’ will have to find a way to slow down one of the best running attacks in the NFL. Wilson and Lynch have combined for over 2200 yards and the Seahawks averaged over 170 yds per game. If New England can’t stop these 2 it could be another lopsided game

wilson-wilfork Sack Seahawks_marshawn_lynch

If  New England can do this the Patriots,will cement their place as one the great franchises in NFL history.


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