These are some of the keys to a Seattle victory over New England

1) Unleash the ‘Beast’ Marshawn Lynch is the fulcrum around which the Seahawks offense turns. Seattle must use all of Lynch’s skill sets. Not only using him to soften up the Patriots on the ground, but also take advantage of his great skills as a receiver.


2) Pressure Tom Brady The Seahawks ‘D’ must be able to rush Brady and keep him uncomfortable in the pocket. They must be able to do it with 4 rushers. It is the formula that the NY Giants used in their 2 SB wins over the Patriots


3) Let Russell be Russell He is UNDEFEATED against SB winning QBs. Russell Wilson seems to be unflappable when the pressure. His never say die attitude has helped secure last second wins in college and the NFL. His pass/run skills are unmatched in the league right. Let him be free to do what it takes to make plays

Russel vs Pats

If Seattle does these things they will win and stake their claim as the team of the decade so far.


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