Patriots vs Seahawks. One big play after another.. An epic battle heading towards a exciting finish. Then the unthinkable. A thrilling game marred by smell of impropriety…The hint of a FIX now permeates the air.

Photo from SB Nation
Photo from SB Nation

Fix= an act or instance of improper or illegal fixing

How can you explain the final play call of Super Bowl 49? Media experts, players, even casual fans are puzzled at  Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s call for a pass play with 1st and Goal on the Patriots 2 yd line. Why did they not give the ball to RB Marshawn Lynch. He was in beast mode. Why was a backup DB grilled and drilled in practice by Coach Bill Belichick about how to defend THAT play?  Did the league not want to present the Lombardi trophy to a defiant Pete Carroll and MVP to a unrepentant Marshawn Lynch ?We are left with questions without reasonable answers.


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