Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick sees NCAA split coming

College FB and NFL less than 1 generation away from falling from their perch as premier Sports in US


Who would’ve thought the guy from the football independent would be at the forefront of the Great College Football Reclassification (name pending)?

Speaking to’s Dennis Dodd Wednesday, Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick envisioned a future where there are the Football Bowl Subdivision is further splintered into two sub-subdivisions. “There’s going to be Congressional intervention (in college athletics) or there’s going to be more than one intercollegiate athletic association ….” Swarbrick said. “You don’t like these set of rules? Go play in that association.”

Rather than the fancied have/have-not divide many envision, Swarbrick sees a split coming between public schools and privates.

“Forget the economics, the cultural divide in college athletics is getting too big. Any business association requires commonality of interests to hold together,” he said. “The Oregon and Stanford economic models are similar. Their approach to sports couldn’t be more different.”

The Great Divide is a lot like the Four…

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