For most of the year the Hawks thrilled Atlanta basketball fans, and won new ones around the country. Their crisp passing, scrambling defense, and deadly bombs away 3 point shooting truly made Philipps Arena live up to it’s nickname ‘The Highlight Factory’ For one dazzling month the Atlanta Hawks even did something NO other NBA team had ever done. They were undefeated for an entire month.

In the end what is important is how you finish. For the Hawks their end did not go well. This bad ending really began in the latter part of the 2nd half of the regular season. It was accelerated outside a NYC nightclub with Thebo Sefalosha’s injury. The BIGGEST problems ultimately were:

  • the team’s lack of ball movement
  • inability to make open shots consistently.
  • being dominated in the area of Offensive Rebounding

In the end the Hawks looked for much of 2015 NBA Playoffs outmatched, out coached, and out of sorts.With injuries to key players on opposing teams they blew a golden opportunity to get to the NBA Finals and compete for a title.

In spite of those things the team, the city, and ownership have the right to be proud of season of unexpected achievement and delight. Most wins, 1st Eastern Conference Finals appearance, record attendance and TV viewership. For our Sports show and the stations we serve (AIB TV and WIGO 1570) it was our 1st time covering the post season of any Pro sport.

Disappointed but determined we are #TrueToAtlanta.

God Bless and good night 😀

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