Lebron James set another #NBAFinals record with the 40 points he tallied in game 3. He now stands alone for scoring most total points in 1st 3 gmes of an NBA Final with 123. That’s an avg of 41 points per game!

Even with those heroic exploits this game was really decided by 2 huge plays. James Jones 3 pt basket at .9 secs before the end of the 1st half to stretch Cleveland’s lead from 41-37 to 44-37  and the unbelievable Dellavedova basket and free throw when the Cavs were clinging to a 81-80 with time running out. The Warriors were on a tremendous run having cut a 20 point 3rd qtr deficit down to one.

Dellavedova’s basket and free throw was one of the many HUGE plays he made throughout the game. He set the ‘Hustle’ bar high and teammates followed by seemingly getting to every loose ball.

The Warriors however had the energy and body language of spoiled children who were told they could not have dessert because they didn’t eat their vegetables. Also Steve Kerr also looked as nervous and unsure on the sidelines as his team did on the court. The only real bright spots were Steph Curry seeming to find his shooting stroke in the 4th and the ‘discovery’ of former All Star C/F David Lee.

Lee was outstanding with 11 pts, 4 rebounds in 13 minutes.

Click for Lebron James post game comments

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