curry-stephen-warriors-james-lebron-cavaliers-splitWatch Clip of Epic Stephen Curry  Lebron James Shootout via

This game brings you back to some of the great #NBAPlayoff superstar showdowns. Lebron James scores 16 of his 40 pts, and Stephen Curry scores 17 of his 37 including 2 shots from beyond 30 feet from the basket. Golden State pulls away late in 104-91 win over Cleveland.

#Bird vs #Wilkins, #Russell vs #Chamberlain, #Kobe vs #Iverson, #Jordan vs #Malone. Now etch the names James and Curry. The time and place Sun June 14, 2015 at Oracle Arena on a clear summer night in Oakland, CA.

Only fitting that this shootout take place in the San Francisco Area where other gunslingers and gold miners plied their trade over a century and a half ago. Golden State now stand just 1 win from bringing home the Pro Basketball’s ultimate treasure…the NBA Championship trophy

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