Vic Bealsey Picture - USA TODAY, SB Natiion
Vic Bealsey Picture – USA TODAY, SB Natiion

The Falcons started 2015-16 season with 2 big questions.

  1. Could they run the football consistently with a hastily put together offensive line
  2. Would they be able to generate a pass rush effective enough to sack the other teams QB when needed

The answer to the 1st question has been answer beyond expectation The O-Line has adapted to the zone blocking scheme so well RB Devonte Freeman has turned into one the best in the NFL. On question #2 the answer is: close but no cigar. On defense has been much better especially vs the run. Atlanta has allowed only 78 yards per game. That’s 2nd in NFL only 7 yards more per game then the league leading the NY Jets. Rushing the quarterback however the team is one of the leagues worst. In fact the Falcons have only 8 sacks in their first 7 games.

Head coach Dan Quinn said he liked the pressure his defense has gotten around the pocket, but clearly stated the goal was to get the quarterback on the ground. 1st round pich Vic Beasley has 2 of those 8 sacks, tying for the team lead. The rookie DE is blessed with great speed and a lightning quick 1st step. But At 6’3 and only 235 lbs he is probably the lightest lineman in the league. We believe the Falcons should move Beasley around in order for him to take advantage of his superior speed and quickness.  This is the way many of the best pass rushers are used by their respective teams. Moving him will create match up problems and allow him to get a better line to the QB and avoid being slowed by taking on 300+ lb offensive lineman right at the line of scrimmage. If this is done #44  could turn out to be everything this team desired and more as an edge rusher.and game changer.


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