Falcons vs Vikings Ryan huddle (800x599)

There are almost no words to describe the frustration which emanated from the GA Dome today. The Falcons lost their 4th straight game, and 5th of their last 6 played. This time to they fall to the Minn. Vikings led by Adrian ‘All Day’Peterson 20-10.

What is so irritating is that like rest of their previous 3 losses this is a game they could, and probably should have won. The defense held the Vikings to just 10 points through 3 quarters. But the offense kept turning the ball over.

The crowd’s pent up disgust in the poor play of late came out as the Dome echoed with boos. They rained down on the Falcons after their 1st drive stalled. They poured out at halftime as the team left the field. We heard a collective groan after both Ryan interceptions, and the almost comical fumble by Tevin Coleman after a explosive burst of over 40 yards.

Atlanta’s defense played well for much of the game. But they finally succumbed as Vikes put the game away in the 4t quarter with a FG and and a nifty 35 yard TD dash by Peterson.  The Falcons are reeling. With 5 games left and optimistic finish of 3-2 would give them a 9-7 record. That may not be enough to get into the playoffs. What a disappointing end to a season that started with such promise would be



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