The Falcons season has officially hit bottom. A surprising 5-0 made Atlanta the talk of the NFL, and dreaming of a playoff run. Since their 25-19 win in OT over the Redskins back on Oct. 11 the ‘Birds have fallen off their lofty perch. They have lost 7 of the last 8 games, 6 in succession.

In spite of that there was still hope of righting the ship, and possibly with help make the playoffs. A little optimism lingered because the losses were more a matter of the Falcons losing through their own errors vs getting beat by their opponent. Until today.

Atlanta was outplayed in all areas getting blanked by Carolina 38-0. Matt Ryan had 2 more turnovers, as he was sacked 4 times. Cam Newton meanwhile threw 3 TDs and had his highest QB rated game at 153.3. This performance continues to build a compelling case for Cam Newton as MVP.

The Falcons and Matt Ryan have to look themselves in the mirror and ask some hard questions. Do they have the will and resolve to finish strong like the Birds of Prey they are called, or will they be more like Butterball turkeys on Thanksgiving ?

The Panthers clinched a 1st round bye and are 13-0. The Falcons drop to 6-7 just 1 game out of last place in the NFC South. It’s the 3rd straight NFC South crown, and playoff appearance for Carolina. The Falcons are on their longest losing streak since 2007 the year before Ryan arrived.



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