The 2016 All Star game weekend is here. Last year the high flying Hawks had 4 selected for the East squad including Jeff Teague and Al Horford. Teague is not playing in this year’s game, and Al Horford was a late add to join Paul Milsap who was selected for the 2nd year in a row..

Teague and teammate Al Horford according to reports by NBA sources as being mentioned in trade talks with Knicks, Celtics, Rockets, Kings, Nets and Pacers. In the last week since the trade rumors started, both men have seemed to play with a bit more intensity.

Horford poured in 27 points, had 6 rebounds and 2 blocks in a loss tho Orlando. Jeff Teague had one of his best games ever last week  vs the Mavericks. He hit a remarkable 12 of 15 from the floor including 5 for 6 on his 3 point range. He also had 5 rebounds and 8 assists, dominating whoever Dallas chose to guard him.

Whether the past week of great play is a statement to team management, or a swan song for fans will be seen soon.

Click below for more talk about the trade rumors for both men from Jeff Teague Be Traded?

Horford takes trade talks day by day



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