It was a virtuoso performance. Like a skilled violinist in a great orchestra, Steph Curry dazzled the Hawks and sold out Phillips Arena to help lead the Golden State Warriors to a 102-92 victory over the Atlanta here in Atlanta. His stat line of 36 pts, 8 assists and 6 rebounds still doesn’t fully tell of the artistry witnessed toda

Even before the Warriors played Curry hit shots in practice as far away as the half-court line. Once the game began he then unleashed an array of 3pt bombs, break you down crossovers, and a slick set of inside shots that often looked impossible.

His handle can be like Alan Iverson and he has an unlimited range jumper. He scores like MJ and Kobe,and he can deftly dish assist to teammates like Steve Nash.

And he can even be clutch like the man on the NBA logo Jerry West who is now a board member of the Golden State Warriors. When West was asked on #Hawks radio station 92.9 the game ‘Dukes and Bell’ show he said that Curry was the best shooter he had seen. I guess it’s true ‘Game recognizes Game’


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