Sports shows across the country have dissected Cleveland’s loss to Golden State in game 1 of the NBA Finals. Many feel that Cavs’ Lue & Lebron were out coached by Warriors’ Steve Kerr. The reality is it took a historical performance by the Golden State bench (outscoring Cleveland 45-8) to seal the win for the Warriors.

The Cavaliers were very physical early, and hounded the ‘Splash Brothers’ into their worst playoff scoring game ever. Often in the 1st 3 quarters Curry, and Thompson found themselves getting banged around as they switched defensively onto Cavs bigger forwards.

There was talk about Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love not being able to defend their position. Again this was often caused by bad match ups while switching defensively to players they normally would not guard.

The biggest problem the Cavs had besides the Warriors bench play,  was not being able to protect the ball. Their Big 3 of James, Love , and Irving combined for 11 of 15 Cleveland turnovers. The Cavs allowed 25 off their 15 turnovers

The bottom line is home court to start series is retained only you when you win BOTH games. If Cavs win tonight then the advantage goes to Cleveland. Look for Lebron and the Cavs to make the adjustments needed to knot the series 1-1



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