2017 Celebration Bowl NCAT players
NCAT Aggies
2017 Celebration Bowl Grambling players
Grambling State Tigers

Mercedes Benz stadium is a glorious new state of the art stadium considered to be one of the finest sports venues in the world. It annually hosts the SEC championship, and this year the College Football Championship two of the biggest events of the year for the sport. The Celebration Bowl is the 1st bowl game played each year. It’s the 125th anniversary of the 1st football game played in HBCU football history.  None of this seems to faze the players from Grambling State or No. Carolina A&T.

It’s the 2nd appearance for each in the game with Grambling State returning as defending champs, and No. Carolina A&T coming back after winning the the inaugural game in 2015. NC A&T also boasts a unblemished 11-0 record.

Check out the press conference the day before the big game in Atlanta. Players from both teams seemed relaxed but ready to play in this historic game.

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