Falcons Fans 1-1-17 IMG_3835

It’s a return to the scene of the crime for the Atlanta Falcons and their fans. They open the season at Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field the same place where their season ended less than 9 months ago.

For the 2nd year in a row Atlanta and their fans saw their quest for championship end as  a result of questionable play calling by the coaching staff, and lack of execution by the players.

The Falcons had another good off season. Getting a draft day steal garnering a game changing offensive player in Alabama WR Calvin Ridley at the end of the 1st round. Fans again came out to the annual summer camp in big numbers, and 65,000 came to Mercedes Benz Stadium at $5 a head to watch them practice.  But there seem to a bit of the energy seem before.  Social media doesn’t seem to have as many posts, the conversation not quite as energized. Several people we spoke to seemed drained and frustrated from the tantalizing near misses. The vaunted high powered offense never showed in the preseason. In fact at times the players looked disinterested even in the final game where player intensity  should be high as many played for their survival in the league/ Maybe because this author was on the mend from a recent surgery.

Whatever the case in our eyes and ears things just didn’t seem right. Hopefully this team is simply lying in wait like the birds of prey they are named after. Just waiting for the REAL season to start so they can leave the nest and strike with lethal effectiveness on the rest of the NFL.

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