The Atlanta Hawks were again big underdogs on their home cout after being crushed in game 2 in Milwaukee and losing a winnable game 3 in Atlanta. But the biggest blow was the potential loss to injury of their super star Trae Young.

The Sports world watched Young’s virtuoso performances in this postseason including a 48 point 11 assists gem in game 1.

But the young Hawks shocked us all again as they have a dominating 110 -99 win over Milwaukee without him

Instead of relying the soaring solo artistry of one man, Atlanta made the night a basketball symphony. They got away from the exceesive dribling and returned to the crisp ball movement that had been to so many of their wins.

tLike a great conductor, Coach Nate McMillan had each player use their unique skills on offense and a harrasing defense to carve out a true team win. The team exemplified all the things he had been telling them. Be Calm , Clear and Connected. Like a fist all 5 fingers closed together to strike a blow,

Atlanta native Lou Williams shined replacing Trae Young. He led all scorers with 21 points, along with 9 asists and just 1 turnover. Bogi Bogdanivic was heroic on a bad knee scoring 20 points and casing havoc on efense. 4 other Hawks were in double figues including Cam Reddish with 12. Reddish, has just come back to play after being out for 4 months recovering from injury. He scored key buckets and was huge on defense. He helped limit Bucks G Kris Middleton to 0-7 from 3 point range and just 16 points. Middleton had scored 38 in Bucks game 3 win on Sunday night, The most troubling news for the Bucks though is the knee injury to their star Giannis Antetokounmpo with a hyper extended knee.

The Hawks have again won another big game against a supposed superior foe. If the Maestro Nate McMillian continues to direct this Hawks basketball symphony, it crescendo to a trip to the NBA Finals.

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