The Atlanta Hawks seem to be rolling at just the right time. Much like last year, this team has chosen so far to be playing it’s best at the end of the year when it counts.

In their last few games the key to victory has been similar. 1) Play good defensively. 2) Have Trae Young look to distribute early and often. 3) Trey Young turn focus back to an agressive scoring mode and attack offensively

Trae Young And Clint Capella defending vs Hornets
  1. Tough defense – Hawks when focused can be a good defensive. Because of the team’s ability to plalead to ly 8-10 players each it allows Coach Nate McMillan be agressive defensively. This brings on fatigue and possible let downs defending against Atlanat
  2. Ball ovement – (with Trae as facilitator) The Hawks seem mcuh more efficient scoring when the moves around and not stuck in the dribble doldrums. Fast tempo, ball movement, catch and shoot 3’s create an Atlantan scoring machine
  3. Trae becomes “Ice Trae” – The K.O. punch, coup de grace, closing the deal. After putting teams on their heels with his dazzling array of assists to his teammates, Trae then delivers the final blow with his scoring power. Like a skilled boxer who sets up his opponent with crisp jabs, and punishing body blows, before landing the big knockout.

If the Atlanta Hawks can continue this style of play who knows how far this team can go in the 2022 NBA Postseason.

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