New law in #Indiana. Is it about #Behavior or #Beliefs ?

There is much ado about Indiana's new law. From Yahoo Sports-'The Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects the rights of individuals and businesses to express strongly held religious beliefs. Critics believe it also provides cover for discrimination against and denial of service to LGBT individuals, among other concerns,. It has been reported on Yahoo Sports, The … Continue reading New law in #Indiana. Is it about #Behavior or #Beliefs ?


MARCH MADNESS-Let the Battle of the Bracket Begin

The wait is over! 68 teams will now begin the annual rites of Spring 2015. It starts first with the tournament within the tournament . Eight teams will have 'play in' games before the teams start dancing officially. Here they are: First Four DAYTON MARCH 17, 18 16 Manhattan (19-13) 16 Hampton (16-17) 11 BYU … Continue reading MARCH MADNESS-Let the Battle of the Bracket Begin

A Changing of the NFL QB Guard? Part 2-Colts lead Broncos 14-7

Colts Andrew Luck is outperforming Broncos Peyton Manning so far in the 1st half. Luck 16-24, 1 TD. 1 INT looking crisp, sharp. Manning misfiring on last 7 throws. Can Manning stage 2nd half comeback like Pat's Brady?