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Are the #Falcons too fragile?

18 Sep



It is tough to write articles that are critical or seem negative.The Real Talk Sports show tries to ‘accentuate the positive’. But life and truth often are harsh and tough to deal with. When we look at this Atlanta Falcons team it seems to always be dealing with injuries to the body and psyche.

Let’s look that physical side. It’s only game 2 and you have several key players already banged up. 2 rookie starters LB DeVondre Campbell and S Keanu Neal out.LB/DE Brooks may be out too.  WRs Julio Jones, Mohammed Sanu, and RB Devonta Frreman have leg injuries. Recently acquired Dwight Freeney only can practice twice per week.And Vic Beasley still doesn’t appear to be 100% either Hopefully a combination of rest and treatment will get all of them back to full speed.

The mental side of things is questionable too. Game 1 had costly procedure penalties, missed assignments, and poor tackling. There still is a disconnect between QB Matt Ryan and OC Kyle Shanahan. Matt had good stats, but timing was off on several throws causing him to throw behind receivers in critical moments. 1st round pick Vic Beasley had NO tackles or sacks. The mild mannered young also seems out of sorts at times and is rumored not to take tough coaching critique well.

Atlanta’s pro sports teams are filled with nice guys. As a licensed minister I believe that’s a good thing in life to be. However, sports especially at the professional level requires passion, intensity and toughness.

At some point the Falcons are going to have to find some guys with “a little dog in ’em” to give this team the confidence and winning edge they need to get them back to playoffs. Just saying.

By-Minister Jonathan Simmons



#Irving, Earvin, or Erving – Sound of success in #NBA Finals

14 Jun
Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson

Is Kyrie the best player in the series?  Photo – cavaliers.247sports.com

Although the names are spelled differently they sound the same. So the performance of Kyrie Irving in game looked like the type game Earvin Johnson and Julius Erving had when they were in the finals in the 70’s and 80’s.  A stretch? Not really when you look at the numbers and situation.

In the 1980 Finals Julius Erving avg 27 pts per game and made one the greatest shots in history in game 4. In the 1987 NBA finals Earvin Johnson scored 29 pts and hit the game winning shot in game 4 on the way to winning the series.

Kyrie Irving in the 2016 Finals is avg 28.6 points per game, (35.5 in the last 3) and his 41 points, 6 assists in last night game 5 was sensational. The narrative was about Lebron who also had his own epic 41 pt, 16 reb, 7 a game. But it was Irving who really kept the engine running for the Cavs with a dazzling array of drives, and jumpers from every distance. He was able to score at will with stunning efficiency. His killer crossover helped him shoot an amazing 70% from the floor.

After watching  Kyrie Irving in these 2016 NBA Finals it looks he might be singing to Curry and Lebron. “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better,” A song written by another great Irving (Berlin) one of America’s greatest songwriters

by Minister Jonathan Simmons

Does color or star power determine how the media covers athletes?

23 Jan

After watching an #ESPN E:60 story on the Patriots Rob Gronkowski the question again came to my mind. Is their a difference in how athletes actions are portrayed in the media and viewed by the public based on their race?

Rob Gronkowski is one of the best TE in the NFL right now. If he continues to produce at this rate for a few more years, he will be considered one of the greatest ever. He also is a bit wild off the field with a penchant for partying.

In the E:60 story his antics were often talked about by family and friends as simply those of big goofy kid. One who likes to push the limits placed on him as his dad said. Even his mom talked about him doing the things that any single 20-23 year old would want to do.

Just a guy from a blue collar family that is celebrating his success and enjoying life with those around him.

When I hear stories like this involving a black athlete the terms seem different. Family members and friends are often described  with terms like ‘posse’, ‘entourage’, etc.  Imagine what would be said about that mom if she made similar comments? Many people would talk about her not raising her son right.

What would be the commentary have been about Marshawn Lynch if he had been spotted in the club throwing back a few shots after Seattle lost to New England in the Super Bowl last year? Or if there was video of him playing around with a porn star? How about dancing naked in a video? Based on the heat he got just for not talking to the media one can only imagine.

Why are players Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane who had repeated problems with drinking and partying in his career, or former Atlanta Brave star Chipper Jones who cheated on his 1st wife, and may have on his 2nd seemingly not chastised with the same vehemence?

It is star power? Is it being the face of the franchise? Is it skin color? Or may a combination of them all. Whatever the answer is the debate remains. Do you think there is color or cultural bias in news reporting?

By Minister Jonathan Simmons (@MinisterJSimm)

#Hawks win 3rd straight. Home tonight for #TrailBlazers and #Sliento concert

21 Dec


The Atlanta Hawks have been a bit of enigma this year so far. They won 7 of their 1st 8 games to soar to the top of Eastern Division. Since then they have been inconsistent and played under .500. They won back to back games, lost 3 straight and now have won 3 in a row.

In this latest win streak Atlanta showed some of the things that got them 60 wins and into the Conference Finals. Good inside play and scoring  by Paul Milsap, bench contribution led by Dennis Schoeder, and 3pt prowess from Kyle Korver.  They are home tonight vs Portland. Atlanta will also have  another Hip Hop concert featuring  Silento’ (Nene song)  Hawks fans hope the fun is part of Hawks victory celebration.

CelebrationBowl has #Atlanta area High Schools in ‘Battle of the Bands’

18 Dec

Celebration Bowl logo

The Inaugural Celebration Bowl is including local high schools as part of their events around the game.

Here is a quick peek at 2 of the bands taken during halftime of  the Falcons vs Vikings game 11-29-2015. Westlake and Martin Luther King High School Marching bands competed. Both high schools musicians  were selected to perform at the ‘5th Quarter’ Battle of the Bands at the 2015 Celebration Bowl

#Concussion shows tip of the iceberg- Video Interview with Keith McCants

7 Dec

Former NFL players continue to speak out more and more as the movie Concussion begins airing in theaters across the country. We caught up with Keith McCants before the private screening of the film here in Atlanta.

This is part 1 of his brief interview with us. Could this be a crack in the NFL armor? Time will tell


#Falcons snatch another defeat from the hands of victory. Lose to #Bucs 23-19 #ATLvsTB

6 Dec

The incredible run of futility continues for Atlanta. The team again found a way to lose a game that was theirs to win. We say TEAM because there were multiple culprits in the Falcons 4 point loss to the Buccaneers.

  1. The Offensive line-The once vaunted ground game sputtered again even with the return of Devonta Freeman totaling just 64 yards. QB Matt Ryan was pressured often, and sacked 3 times
  2. The Run Defense. Clearly the lofty #1 defense ranking was a mirage. Adrian Peterson had 158 last week, and Tampa rushed for 166 this week
  3. Bad tackling. See #2 and click HERE to see the back breaking Jameis Winston 20 yd run on 3rd and 19 in the 4th quarter
  4. Matt Ryan ended an otherwise good day for him with another INT to end Falcons comeback hopes

This team will have to call on ALL of their ‘intestinal fortitude’ to salvage what’s left of the season to at least finish at 8-8. With 2 or the 4 games remaining vs Carolina, the NFL’s best team, the task is daunting.

The #Hawks beat #Spurs in 1st preseason home tilt

15 Oct



As Grant Hill, part of the new team owner group looked on Hawks win their home preseason opener 100-86 over the San Antonio Spurs. Jeff Teague led Atlanta with 19 points. Kyle  Korver and Paul Milsap each scored 13 pts. With Korver hitting 3 of 6 3 pt shots.

He is coming back from injury and post season surgery and looked a lot like the deadly shooter we saw in the first 2/3 of last year. His 2 threes help ignite a 14-2 run to end 3rd quarter and give Atlanta a 73-64 lead after 3 quarters. 7’3″ Edy Tavares hit a FT and a nice follow up dunk also in that stretch. Kent Bazemore had huge slam to start 4th that brought crowd to their feet. It’s only preseason, but the Hawks are bigger and more athletic than before. Not to mention Thabo Sefalosha is almost at 100%. This team looks poised to have a stellar season, and make another deep postseason run

#RiseUp #AtlantaFalcons sign Rex Grossman Coach Dan Quinn announces today

26 Aug

Dan Quinn Falcons Head Coach

Atlanta Falcon head coach Dan Quinn makes it official today announcing that Rex Grossman has been signed by the team. Citing his quick release and veteran presence as he spoke to the local media at Falcons camp earlier today. (Click HERE to view announcement)

Falcons back up QBs have not done as well as hoped, especially hometown hero T.J. Yates. Yates who grew up in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, GA was thought to be right pick to back up starter Matt Ryan. However he has been ineffective in his 2 preseason stints causing the Falcons to search for veteran help.

Grossman is familiar with the Falcons offense since his last regular season appearance came with the Redskins while Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan was in the same role in DC

#Falcons seemed to lose sharpness on Day 5 of #NFLTrainingCamp

6 Aug

Screenshot 2015-08-06 13.26.50

Maybe it was the temperature being a little cooler due some welcome crowd cover. Or it could the big crowds of the weekend were gone. It might have been the ‘Friday Night Lights’ scrimmage. Whatever the reason Falcons had more dropped passes and fumbles that were not there previously. Timing was slightly off.  A few players looked like they may have been nicked or a little banged up. Stay tuned for injury updates. Minister Jonathan Simmons (@MinisterJSimm) on the scene at Falcons HQ in Flowery Branch. For more photos and videos go to www.realtalksports.net

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