3 Groups, 8 items #24Steps to stop the #Violence #Racism and #Destruction in America

15 Jul


Fighting Fear, Fatigue, and Frustration to create better towns and communities in America. By Minister Jonathan Simmons @MinisterJSimm

Our nation and even our world has been rocked with recent rash of violence. The attacks have been and jarringly televised in real time to our increasingly jaded eyes and ears. We are losing the respect of life, and dignity of our human existence as Social Media and TV shows the graphic brutality of people beaten and killed with out filter, or regard the loved ones of the victims. We are pointing the finger at one another again with racism and misunderstanding devouring our ability to communicate. Well below are some things we can start doing, or do more of to improve and restore decency and eventually prosperity for the nation “Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White-We ALL are precious in God’s sight”

 “Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the [i]streets in which to dwell. Isaiah 58:12

LOCAL POLICE Departments

  1. Moratorium on racial profiling by Police department
  2. Harsh Penalties for officers commit police brutality. Especially in cases where suspect is subdued, restrained or presents no clear or present danger. Swift punishment to ensue if violations occur
  3. Probation, training period of 1 year or more before allowing veterans who have been in combat to have patrol duties on street. Reduces potential for PTSD to affect judgment in tense situations
  4. Do more psychological screening of new officer candidates
  5. Be polite, even friendly when possible
  6. Uniform officers to have neighborhood introduction. Officer should be introduced to community. Possible meet and greets held at churches, schools, restaurants in the officer’s patrol area
  7. Revamp Citizen review boards to include more police/community strategy sessions to improve areas of concern and jointly develop policies to best the needs of that particular community or precinct area served
  8. Increase funding of PAL (Police Athletic Leagues) Sports has consistently been a place of ‘common ground’ and could become another way for Police and citizens to become more humanized and less demonized in each other’s eyes


  1. Respect authority. Like it or not there is always someone who will have some authority over what you can do
  2. Be polite. Parents remember to have manners and teach your children the same
  3. Know the Laws! Is there a curfew in your neighborhood? Noise violations? Loitering? Permits needed for what you are trying to do? If you know better, you do better
  4. Obey the laws. If there is a problem report, complain, contest with your Public officials.
  5. Get to know those who patrol your neighborhood if possible.
  6. Parents get involved (time permitting) with community based events with your children
  7. Single moms if your children father is available and able to be a positive influence in your children’s life let them do so. Fathers get more involved with your children
  8. Increase neighborhood watch patrols and community policing under guidelines and instructions agreed upon by the community in partnership with police



  1. Help prevent trafficking of guns into poor neighborhoods. Put more emphasis on large operations, eliminating source at the top vs lower level street criminals
  2. Reduce and eliminate money laundering by banks and other sources. Again focusing attention on, and have harsher penalties for large operations
  3. Monitor judicial sentencing for fairness and equal treatment. Violators to be penalized, suspended, removed as needed. Reduce or eliminate contracts with private prisons corporations. Monies made from prisoners’ labor should be used of paying those back who they committed crimes against
  4. Increase funding for more organic crime prevention aids like rec centers, paid clean up campaigns, and overall neighborhood/community improvements
  5. Increase willingness to create bi-partisan solutions in conjunction with local communities to fund and implement strategies to best serve the people in our towns and cities. Emphasis to be placed on those neighborhoods with the most challenges, and next on helping maintain those where things are doing well or improving
  6. Tax incentives, assistance for creating jobs in, and employing the people of distressed neighborhoods
  7. Help rebuild communities through ‘Neighborhood Repatriation and Reclamation’. Give assistance to those looking to stay in neighborhood (especially life long and older residents) who wish to stay and incentives for relatives who left and are willing to come back and help rebuild the neighborhood
  8. Help maintain organic nature of neighborhood. Transit and green space should balanced against the needs of the community. Avoid destroying Neighborhood connectivity by disrupting neighborhoods with higher speed roadways, barriers and other things to disrupt continuity of the area

Humbly submitted by Minister Jonathan  – God Bless

#Bulldogs don’t play #smart in loss to #OleMiss

25 Sep

Picture from TheBleacherReport.com by Matt Bush USA Today Sports

Different  coach, same results as #Bulldogs lose big in a key #SEC tilt.

It has been heralded as a change in culture. A new attitude, and sharper focus on winning ways under new Georgia head coach Kirby Smart. Smart an assistant under Nick Saban at ‘Bama,  and a former Bulldog player has energized the fan base with his approach to the game.Wins in their 1st 3 games stoked the faithful and pundits into thinking UGA would be an SEC title contender now as they prepared to face Ole Miss in the their first big test of the season. Unfortunately Georgia failed, losing big to the Rebels in Oxford 45-14.

Georgia again looked like a team whose players did not show up for a big game. This was the same story under previous coach Mark Richt. Plenty of credit has to be given to Ole Miss though. QB Chad Kelley threw for 2 TDs and ran 41 yds for another. His unstoppable crew of receivers were led by TE Evan Engram and WR Demarkus Lodge. The 2 combined for 8 catches, 168 yards and 2 TDs

Georgia looked like they weren’t in the same class as the Rebels. Freshman QB Jacob Eason was under pressure all day. Like most of this year, the Bulldog receivers continued to drop passes as if the balls were oiled up. This included two huge drops by Isaiah McKenzie, who had the big catch against Mizzou the week before. And sadly RB Nick Chubb had to leave the game with an ankle injury. At the end of the day we were once again treated to an uninspired performance in a big game by the Georgia football team. Can anyone say ‘Overrated’ again?

By Jonathan Simmons

Stats by ESPN.com


Why #GaTech can beat #Clemson

22 Sep

Why #GaTech can beat #Clemson in this big #ACC game #CLEMvsGT

Here are reasons why the Yellow Jackets have a great chance to knock off the Tiger of Clemson

  1. Coach Paul Johnson-Coach Johnson has led to Tech to victory over Coach Dabo Swinney’s Tigers many times before before including 2014. Johnson no stranger to big games and his no nonsense approach should have Tech ready to play
  2. GA Tech Defense-The Tech ‘D; has been good when it needed to be.Also they practice against agile QB Justin Thomas so they should be able to deal with the mobility of All American QB Deshaun Watson
  3. The improved passing and ball security of Tech star QB Justin Thomas will make the Tech offense even more dangerous than ever.

There are more reason like the big play threat of Qua Searcy both receiving and rushing. Also the increased production by their running backs me Justin Thomas is not the only one you have to contend.Not to mention the game is home at Bobby Dodd stadium.

Should be a great time for Jacket fans at #GTWhiteOut tomorrow night

By Minister Jonathan Simmons

Are the #Falcons too fragile?

18 Sep



It is tough to write articles that are critical or seem negative.The Real Talk Sports show tries to ‘accentuate the positive’. But life and truth often are harsh and tough to deal with. When we look at this Atlanta Falcons team it seems to always be dealing with injuries to the body and psyche.

Let’s look that physical side. It’s only game 2 and you have several key players already banged up. 2 rookie starters LB DeVondre Campbell and S Keanu Neal out.LB/DE Brooks may be out too.  WRs Julio Jones, Mohammed Sanu, and RB Devonta Frreman have leg injuries. Recently acquired Dwight Freeney only can practice twice per week.And Vic Beasley still doesn’t appear to be 100% either Hopefully a combination of rest and treatment will get all of them back to full speed.

The mental side of things is questionable too. Game 1 had costly procedure penalties, missed assignments, and poor tackling. There still is a disconnect between QB Matt Ryan and OC Kyle Shanahan. Matt had good stats, but timing was off on several throws causing him to throw behind receivers in critical moments. 1st round pick Vic Beasley had NO tackles or sacks. The mild mannered young also seems out of sorts at times and is rumored not to take tough coaching critique well.

Atlanta’s pro sports teams are filled with nice guys. As a licensed minister I believe that’s a good thing in life to be. However, sports especially at the professional level requires passion, intensity and toughness.

At some point the Falcons are going to have to find some guys with “a little dog in ’em” to give this team the confidence and winning edge they need to get them back to playoffs. Just saying.

By-Minister Jonathan Simmons


#SEC teams can’t seem to figure out #GaTech #VANvsGT

17 Sep


Tech QB Justin Thomas gets congrats after another TD drive.

It seems like they can’t figure them out. Ga Tech’s 38-7 victory over Vanderbilt is their 3rd in the last 4 tries vs teams from the SEC. Except for their loss at home last year to Georgia, an explosive Tech offense has over 30 in each of the games.  It was more of the same at Bobby Dodd Stadium in this Saturday’s win over Vandy. The teams traded TDs in the 1st quarter before the Yellow Jackets scored the last 31 points.

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Jackets would need to take to the air in order to beat the Commodores. They took to the air right away with a 85 yard TD toss and run by Thomas to Marshall. Tech scoring concluded with another big pass play of 77 yards by backup Matthew Jordan to Clinton Lynch. Overall Georgia Tech finished with 511 yards of total offense, including a season high 222 passing. The defense was stout too holding Vanderbilt to just 85 yards rushing.

Tech now faces their stiffest test thus far when #5 Clemson comes to Atlanta just 5 days from now. The prime time national TV Thur night tilt is the #GTWhiteOut game. With this new wrinkle in their offense Georgia Tech may give the Tigers a real run for their money.


#YellowJackets must take flight to get win vs #Vandy

17 Sep


It’s ironic that a team named after a flying insect has had one of the best ground attacks in college football the last several years. Since the arrival of Coach Paul Johnson, Ga Tech has consistently been one of the top 5 rushing teams in the nation. This week however Tech needs to attack their opponent from the air. Vanderbilt’s defense has been good against the run this year giving up just over a 100 yards per game. Also their ground attack has done well led by RB Ralph Webb who has rushed for over 300 total yards in their 1st two games including 211 last week vs Middle Tenn.

Ga Tech offense must help their defense by having sustained drives. To do that the Jackets must be able to convert on 3rd down. To that they must be able to throw the football. The Commodores gave up almost 4oo yards passing last week to MTSU.  QB Justin Thomas, who was dinged in last week’s game, must have passing efficiency like their opener against BC. Thomas had critical completions including a miraculous 22 yard toss on 4th and 19 pass to Qua Searcy. Searcy and #1 receiver Ricky Jeune must take advantage of 1 on 1 opportunities that  certainly will be there.

Of course Tech must do what they do best. Control the clock with their ground game keeping the ball out the hands of Ralph Webb and the Vandy offense.

If they can it would give the Yellow Jackets their 3rd straight win vs an SEC opponent. That’s something few non SEC teams can boast about. Do I hear ‘Flight of the Bumble Bees’ playing?

Same record, different feel for @GeorgiaTechFB

13 Sep











Backup Matthew Jordan takes the helm late in 1st half

The Yellow Jackets find themselves with a 2 – 0 record after their 1st 2 games of 2016. They started 2015 the same. Except last year the Jackets had 2 blowout wins over HBCU Alcorn State and a mediocre Tulane team. It seemed like a continuation of their magical 2014-15 season which ended win a win over 2 SEC schools: arch rival Univ. of Georgia, and Miss State in the Orange Bowl. As they prepared to take on Notre Dame in So. Bend it seemed the potential for even greater heights for the confident Yellow Jackets were there. Of course we all know what happened. A couple of big plays and injuries cost them against the Irish. Then the injuries mounted along with the losses and Tech would only win 1 more game. An unbelievable last minute win over ACC champ Florida State.

Now in 2016 the record is the same, but the feel is different. The Jackets and their fans begin 2016 with a more subdued and businesslike attitude. Game 1 vs BC in Ireland was a 17-14 thriller. QB Justin Thomas cemented his spot in the Ga Tech Sports Hall of Fame with incredible play including converting a miraculous 4th and 19 in the 4th qtr. Game 2 vs Mercer found GT in a close game early before pulling away to 35-10 win.

Injuries strike again as Thomas gets dinged in 1st half and did not play the rest of the way. But backup QBs nifty #2 Matthew Jordan, and speedy #3 TaQuon Marshall ran the offense without missing a beat. The playing time that Jordan and others got last year will surely play dividends throughout the year.

Now the Jackets prepare for 2 huge games in 11 days which will surely impact how far the boys from the ‘Flats’ will go this. This Sat the “Gold out’ game vs Vanderbilt of the SEC and Thur night, nationally televised game vs defending ACC champs Clemson. Both games are home at the friendly confines of Bobby Dodd stadium. Ga Tech is cautiously optimistic that they have a few  ‘Welcome To Atlanta’ moments that will make 2016 a season to remember.

by Minister Jonathan Simmons

#Cavs vs #Warriors Game 6-A spirited conversation with #Cleveland Fans

17 Jun

Check out our podcast from Tues night live broadcast on WIGO 1570 Atlanta. The folks from ‘The Land’ hit our phone lines, and the conversation humming. Also hear our min tribute to Kyrie Irving, from the music of Irving Berlin. To be a part of our live show, check us on Tuesday nights 830-930 PM EST. Online http://www.wigoam.com or via mobile with Tunein app. Call with your comments at 404-361-1571.


kyrie dribble

Picture from USA Today

#Irving, Earvin, or Erving – Sound of success in #NBA Finals

14 Jun
Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson

Is Kyrie the best player in the series?  Photo – cavaliers.247sports.com

Although the names are spelled differently they sound the same. So the performance of Kyrie Irving in game looked like the type game Earvin Johnson and Julius Erving had when they were in the finals in the 70’s and 80’s.  A stretch? Not really when you look at the numbers and situation.

In the 1980 Finals Julius Erving avg 27 pts per game and made one the greatest shots in history in game 4. In the 1987 NBA finals Earvin Johnson scored 29 pts and hit the game winning shot in game 4 on the way to winning the series.

Kyrie Irving in the 2016 Finals is avg 28.6 points per game, (35.5 in the last 3) and his 41 points, 6 assists in last night game 5 was sensational. The narrative was about Lebron who also had his own epic 41 pt, 16 reb, 7 a game. But it was Irving who really kept the engine running for the Cavs with a dazzling array of drives, and jumpers from every distance. He was able to score at will with stunning efficiency. His killer crossover helped him shoot an amazing 70% from the floor.

After watching  Kyrie Irving in these 2016 NBA Finals it looks he might be singing to Curry and Lebron. “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better,” A song written by another great Irving (Berlin) one of America’s greatest songwriters

by Minister Jonathan Simmons

#NBA ruling on Draymond Green raises questions about its integrity

14 Jun

The NBA assessed  Golden State Warriors PF Draymond Green a flagrant foul that rules him out of playing in game 5 in Oakland. This unleashed outcry on sports radio shows and barber shops everywhere.

Why is Green called for a flagrant for a semi protective move against Lebron James who STEPPED over him after both players tangled up and went to the floor? Was this more offensive then the way he kicked up his leg and smashed into the groin of OKC’s Steven Adams?

This looks like a move to allow more favorable conditions for the Cavs to sneak off with a Game 5 win and send the series back to Cleveland. Poor officiating makes things seem suspect already. Now add league office intervention and something doesn’t seem right.

There is BIG money in sports entertainment and gambling is a multi billion dollar industry.

Just makes you wonder.

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