3 Groups, 8 items #24Steps to stop the #Violence #Racism and #Destruction in America

15 Jul


Fighting Fear, Fatigue, and Frustration to create better towns and communities in America. By Minister Jonathan Simmons @MinisterJSimm

Our nation and even our world has been rocked with recent rash of violence. The attacks have been and jarringly televised in real time to our increasingly jaded eyes and ears. We are losing the respect of life, and dignity of our human existence as Social Media and TV shows the graphic brutality of people beaten and killed with out filter, or regard the loved ones of the victims. We are pointing the finger at one another again with racism and misunderstanding devouring our ability to communicate. Well below are some things we can start doing, or do more of to improve and restore decency and eventually prosperity for the nation “Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White-We ALL are precious in God’s sight”

 “Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the [i]streets in which to dwell. Isaiah 58:12

LOCAL POLICE Departments

  1. Moratorium on racial profiling by Police department
  2. Harsh Penalties for officers commit police brutality. Especially in cases where suspect is subdued, restrained or presents no clear or present danger. Swift punishment to ensue if violations occur
  3. Probation, training period of 1 year or more before allowing veterans who have been in combat to have patrol duties on street. Reduces potential for PTSD to affect judgment in tense situations
  4. Do more psychological screening of new officer candidates
  5. Be polite, even friendly when possible
  6. Uniform officers to have neighborhood introduction. Officer should be introduced to community. Possible meet and greets held at churches, schools, restaurants in the officer’s patrol area
  7. Revamp Citizen review boards to include more police/community strategy sessions to improve areas of concern and jointly develop policies to best the needs of that particular community or precinct area served
  8. Increase funding of PAL (Police Athletic Leagues) Sports has consistently been a place of ‘common ground’ and could become another way for Police and citizens to become more humanized and less demonized in each other’s eyes


  1. Respect authority. Like it or not there is always someone who will have some authority over what you can do
  2. Be polite. Parents remember to have manners and teach your children the same
  3. Know the Laws! Is there a curfew in your neighborhood? Noise violations? Loitering? Permits needed for what you are trying to do? If you know better, you do better
  4. Obey the laws. If there is a problem report, complain, contest with your Public officials.
  5. Get to know those who patrol your neighborhood if possible.
  6. Parents get involved (time permitting) with community based events with your children
  7. Single moms if your children father is available and able to be a positive influence in your children’s life let them do so. Fathers get more involved with your children
  8. Increase neighborhood watch patrols and community policing under guidelines and instructions agreed upon by the community in partnership with police



  1. Help prevent trafficking of guns into poor neighborhoods. Put more emphasis on large operations, eliminating source at the top vs lower level street criminals
  2. Reduce and eliminate money laundering by banks and other sources. Again focusing attention on, and have harsher penalties for large operations
  3. Monitor judicial sentencing for fairness and equal treatment. Violators to be penalized, suspended, removed as needed. Reduce or eliminate contracts with private prisons corporations. Monies made from prisoners’ labor should be used of paying those back who they committed crimes against
  4. Increase funding for more organic crime prevention aids like rec centers, paid clean up campaigns, and overall neighborhood/community improvements
  5. Increase willingness to create bi-partisan solutions in conjunction with local communities to fund and implement strategies to best serve the people in our towns and cities. Emphasis to be placed on those neighborhoods with the most challenges, and next on helping maintain those where things are doing well or improving
  6. Tax incentives, assistance for creating jobs in, and employing the people of distressed neighborhoods
  7. Help rebuild communities through ‘Neighborhood Repatriation and Reclamation’. Give assistance to those looking to stay in neighborhood (especially life long and older residents) who wish to stay and incentives for relatives who left and are willing to come back and help rebuild the neighborhood
  8. Help maintain organic nature of neighborhood. Transit and green space should balanced against the needs of the community. Avoid destroying Neighborhood connectivity by disrupting neighborhoods with higher speed roadways, barriers and other things to disrupt continuity of the area

Humbly submitted by Minister Jonathan  – God Bless

#Cavs vs #Warriors Game 6-A spirited conversation with #Cleveland Fans

17 Jun

Check out our podcast from Tues night live broadcast on WIGO 1570 Atlanta. The folks from ‘The Land’ hit our phone lines, and the conversation humming. Also hear our min tribute to Kyrie Irving, from the music of Irving Berlin. To be a part of our live show, check us on Tuesday nights 830-930 PM EST. Online http://www.wigoam.com or via mobile with Tunein app. Call with your comments at 404-361-1571.


kyrie dribble

Picture from USA Today

#Irving, Earvin, or Erving – Sound of success in #NBA Finals

14 Jun
Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson

Is Kyrie the best player in the series?  Photo – cavaliers.247sports.com

Although the names are spelled differently they sound the same. So the performance of Kyrie Irving in game looked like the type game Earvin Johnson and Julius Erving had when they were in the finals in the 70’s and 80’s.  A stretch? Not really when you look at the numbers and situation.

In the 1980 Finals Julius Erving avg 27 pts per game and made one the greatest shots in history in game 4. In the 1987 NBA finals Earvin Johnson scored 29 pts and hit the game winning shot in game 4 on the way to winning the series.

Kyrie Irving in the 2016 Finals is avg 28.6 points per game, (35.5 in the last 3) and his 41 points, 6 assists in last night game 5 was sensational. The narrative was about Lebron who also had his own epic 41 pt, 16 reb, 7 a game. But it was Irving who really kept the engine running for the Cavs with a dazzling array of drives, and jumpers from every distance. He was able to score at will with stunning efficiency. His killer crossover helped him shoot an amazing 70% from the floor.

After watching  Kyrie Irving in these 2016 NBA Finals it looks he might be singing to Curry and Lebron. “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better,” A song written by another great Irving (Berlin) one of America’s greatest songwriters

by Minister Jonathan Simmons

#NBA ruling on Draymond Green raises questions about its integrity

14 Jun

The NBA assessed  Golden State Warriors PF Draymond Green a flagrant foul that rules him out of playing in game 5 in Oakland. This unleashed outcry on sports radio shows and barber shops everywhere.

Why is Green called for a flagrant for a semi protective move against Lebron James who STEPPED over him after both players tangled up and went to the floor? Was this more offensive then the way he kicked up his leg and smashed into the groin of OKC’s Steven Adams?

This looks like a move to allow more favorable conditions for the Cavs to sneak off with a Game 5 win and send the series back to Cleveland. Poor officiating makes things seem suspect already. Now add league office intervention and something doesn’t seem right.

There is BIG money in sports entertainment and gambling is a multi billion dollar industry.

Just makes you wonder.

Why #Cavs shouldn’t worry about loss to #Warriors

5 Jun


Sports shows across the country have dissected Cleveland’s loss to Golden State in game 1 of the NBA Finals. Many feel that Cavs’ Lue & Lebron were out coached by Warriors’ Steve Kerr. The reality is it took a historical performance by the Golden State bench (outscoring Cleveland 45-8) to seal the win for the Warriors.

The Cavaliers were very physical early, and hounded the ‘Splash Brothers’ into their worst playoff scoring game ever. Often in the 1st 3 quarters Curry, and Thompson found themselves getting banged around as they switched defensively onto Cavs bigger forwards.

There was talk about Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love not being able to defend their position. Again this was often caused by bad match ups while switching defensively to players they normally would not guard.

The biggest problem the Cavs had besides the Warriors bench play,  was not being able to protect the ball. Their Big 3 of James, Love , and Irving combined for 11 of 15 Cleveland turnovers. The Cavs allowed 25 off their 15 turnovers

The bottom line is home court to start series is retained only you when you win BOTH games. If Cavs win tonight then the advantage goes to Cleveland. Look for Lebron and the Cavs to make the adjustments needed to knot the series 1-1


Jordan Spieth misses chance for history, so Danny Willett grabs it at #Masters

11 Apr

At the turn the 2016 Masters had the makings of a new course legend. Jordan Spieth who won the event last year in record fashion, seemed poised to wrap up another win today. Confidently handling the course challenge he surged to -7 for the tournament and a 5 stroke lead over Danny Willett. Suddenly in less than an hour the previously unflappable young champion lost 6 shots in 3 holes. It culminated with a stunning Quadruple Bogey on the 12th hole, twice hitting the ball into the water. He fell to -1, 2 strokes behind new leader Willett.

After the gap climbed to 4 shots , Spieth made a run with birdies at 14 and 15, but could get no closer.His chance to join only 3 others who won the Masters back to back was over…for now.  It was Danny Willett instead who made history becoming only the 2nd Englishman to win the tourney. He joins Sir Nick Faldo who won 3 times. Fittingly Sir Nick was in booth doing the broadcast commentary as his countryman won the day.

As for Jordan Spieth this was a monumental meltdown that came as a complete shock to golf fans everywhere, and to the young man himself. It was clear he fought back his emotion afterwards as he told cameramen filming “not in the face”  as he went to sing his scorecard.  In the post tourney interview he painfully talked about his loss of discipline, and not sticking to plan as things begun to unravel on the course.

This can make him a better champion as his golf continues on. Last he had setbacks in the last 2 Majors also. He also was surpassed by Jason Day as world #1 golfer. By the end of the year however he was the FedEx cup champion and won a record 20+ million in prize money.

Once again the Masters tournament provided compelling Sports drama. It also reminded golf fans everywhere why the PGA Tour slogan from a couple of years ago is still true…”These guys are good”


#StephCurry-A Basketball Genius stops by #Atlanta

23 Feb Steph Curry 2-22 Postgame

It was a virtuoso performance. Like a skilled violinist in a great orchestra, Steph Curry dazzled the Hawks and sold out Phillips Arena to help lead the Golden State Warriors to a 102-92 victory over the Atlanta here in Atlanta. His stat line of 36 pts, 8 assists and 6 rebounds still doesn’t fully tell of the artistry witnessed toda

Even before the Warriors played Curry hit shots in practice as far away as the half-court line. Once the game began he then unleashed an array of 3pt bombs, break you down crossovers, and a slick set of inside shots that often looked impossible.

His handle can be like Alan Iverson and he has an unlimited range jumper. He scores like MJ and Kobe,and he can deftly dish assist to teammates like Steve Nash.

And he can even be clutch like the man on the NBA logo Jerry West who is now a board member of the Golden State Warriors. When West was asked on #Hawks radio station 92.9 the game ‘Dukes and Bell’ show he said that Curry was the best shooter he had seen. I guess it’s true ‘Game recognizes Game’

@ATLHawks can win the #NBA Eastern Division-If

20 Feb Nov 24, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague (0, center) greets guard Thabo Sefolosha (25) and center Al Horford (15) during a timeout in the fourth quarter of their game against the Boston Celtics at Philips Arena. The Hawks won 121-97. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks came up short in another game they should won. They 115-111 to a Miami Heat team that was missing their 2 All Stars Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Also rising star center Hassan Whiteside did not play either. Still the Hawks found away to let another victory slip away from them on their home court.

The inability to win games they should is one of the big differences between this years team and last. In 2014-15 the Hawks played like an elite team. Winning almost ALL of the games you should and a fair share of those you should not. What is missing? Watch this MIA vs ATL post-game recap by host Minister Jonathan Simmons as he shares the reasons  this year is different, and how they can still make noise in this 2015-16 season

#JeffTeague and #AlHorford -To Trade or Not To Trade?

14 Feb

The 2016 All Star game weekend is here. Last year the high flying Hawks had 4 selected for the East squad including Jeff Teague and Al Horford. Teague is not playing in this year’s game, and Al Horford was a late add to join Paul Milsap who was selected for the 2nd year in a row..

Teague and teammate Al Horford according to reports by NBA sources as being mentioned in trade talks with Knicks, Celtics, Rockets, Kings, Nets and Pacers. In the last week since the trade rumors started, both men have seemed to play with a bit more intensity.

Horford poured in 27 points, had 6 rebounds and 2 blocks in a loss tho Orlando. Jeff Teague had one of his best games ever last week  vs the Mavericks. He hit a remarkable 12 of 15 from the floor including 5 for 6 on his 3 point range. He also had 5 rebounds and 8 assists, dominating whoever Dallas chose to guard him.

Whether the past week of great play is a statement to team management, or a swan song for fans will be seen soon.

Click below for more talk about the trade rumors for both men from NBA.com

NBA.com-Should Jeff Teague Be Traded?

Horford takes trade talks day by day


#CardonPalmer and #LarryFitzgerald join #Manning in #SuperBowl of Old Men #AZvsCAR

25 Jan


Cam Newton has been the best in the NFL this year. But Cardinal vets QB Carson Palmer and WR Larry Fitzgerald know this could be their last opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. This may be just enough steam to get Arizona past the Panthers and into SB 50.

If they are able to join Denver Broncos Petyon Manning and Demarcus Ware, Super Bowl 50 will certainly be a place for old men.


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