Love and Basketball: Valentines Day Weekend 2015

15 Feb love-and-basketball-poster


Valentines Day weekend 2015 it’s about Love and Basketball. The All Star Game weekend, College Basketball hurtling again towards March Madness, tributes to 2 of it’s greatest coaches in their passing share the spotlight with a holiday known for love and romance.

College BKB small schools

Love-College Basketball. Where athletes at smaller schools play more for ties to teammates, compete for championships, and the quest for glory on the hardwood.


Romance-The NBA All Star Game “The ASG in NYC”: Seduction from the Mecca of Basketball-Madison Square Garden. Dunk contests filled with gravity defying leaps, spectacular mid air acrobatics. 3pt shot Sharp shooters make it rain beautiful buckets from beyond the arc. And of course the chance to see NBA stars past, present, and future


Love-The outpouring of kudos and kind words for 2 of College Basketballs greatest coaches Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian who passed away during the week. Both men showed their love of the game and the student athletes that played for them. Smith did by the lifelong followup of all his players, Tarkanian through his relentless battles vs the NCAA to insure players rights in ever growing money machine of College Basketball.

Romance- We are thrilled by the greatness of NBA stars and the pursuit of championship glory by College and High School. As we do again our hearts flutter with the anticipation of what is to unfold on courts everywhere.

Valentines Day weekend in 2015. A story of Love and Basketball

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Super Bowl, Football, and You. Is the NFL really the WWEd in pads? A Script for Fixing a The Game

8 Feb Photo from SB Nation

Patriots vs Seahawks. One big play after another.. An epic battle heading towards a exciting finish. Then the unthinkable. A thrilling game marred by smell of impropriety…The hint of a FIX now permeates the air.

Fix= an act or instance of improper or illegal fixing

How can you explain the final play call of Super Bowl 49? Media experts, players, even casual fans are puzzled at  Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s call for a pass play with 1st and Goal on the Patriots 2 yd line. Why did they not give the ball to RB Marshawn Lynch. He was in beast mode. Why was a backup DB grilled and drilled in practice by Coach Bill Belichick about how to defend THAT play?  Did the league not want to present the Lombardi trophy to a defiant Pete Carroll and MVP to a unrepentant Marshawn Lynch ?We are left with questions without reasonable answers.

2014 in review

8 Feb

The stats helper system prepared a 2014 annual report for our blog.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. JESUS is the key to a life well lived. Get to know Him Today.

Happy New Year to all. May God bless you with a healthy and prosperous 2015.

Minister Jonathan Simmons-Founder and host

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 320 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Super Bowl 49: What the Seahawks must do to win

1 Feb lynch-v-pats

These are some of the keys to a Seattle victory over New England

1) Unleash the ‘Beast’ Marshawn Lynch is the fulcrum around which the Seahawks offense turns. Seattle must use all of Lynch’s skill sets. Not only using him to soften up the Patriots on the ground, but also take advantage of his great skills as a receiver.


2) Pressure Tom Brady The Seahawks ‘D’ must be able to rush Brady and keep him uncomfortable in the pocket. They must be able to do it with 4 rushers. It is the formula that the NY Giants used in their 2 SB wins over the Patriots


3) Let Russell be Russell He is UNDEFEATED against SB winning QBs. Russell Wilson seems to be unflappable when the pressure. His never say die attitude has helped secure last second wins in college and the NFL. His pass/run skills are unmatched in the league right. Let him be free to do what it takes to make plays

Russel vs Pats

If Seattle does these things they will win and stake their claim as the team of the decade so far.

Super Bowl 49: What the Patriots must do to win

1 Feb New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

Three keys to a Patriot victory over the Seahawks

1) Run the ball. The Patriots must be able to run the ball effectively to keep the Seattle ‘D’ off balance. This would present some opportunities for Tom Brady to attack in the air through play action and match up mismatches

Patriots running game

2) Protect Tom Brady. The offensive line must be able to give Brady a clean pocket to work from. In the Patriots 2 Super Bowl losses to the Giants, New York was able to consistently get to Brady with just 4 rushers. This help stymie th epowerful New England offense and hold them to less than 20 points in each game

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

3) Contain Wilson and Lynch. The Patriots ‘D’ will have to find a way to slow down one of the best running attacks in the NFL. Wilson and Lynch have combined for over 2200 yards and the Seahawks averaged over 170 yds per game. If New England can’t stop these 2 it could be another lopsided game

wilson-wilfork Sack Seahawks_marshawn_lynch

If  New England can do this the Patriots,will cement their place as one the great franchises in NFL history.

NFL Playoff Picks: Packers vs Seahawks, Colts vs Patriots

18 Jan

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

Been a Packer fan for most of my life. Like most Americans, love to root for the underdog. That being said…

Green Bay and the NFL’s best offensive player Aaron Rodgers is injured. Add now a questionable Eddie Lacy.Seattle’s 12th man. It may be a long afternoon for my Packers. Seattle wins 31-20

The Colts and Andrew Luck are hot right now. But the Patriots and Brady are chasing history with the clock running out. Colts keep it close but it won’t be enough. Patriots win 30-24

NFL Playoff:Colts and Packers-Something to Prove, It’s our time

18 Jan

Colts logo Packer logo

Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts-The Underdogs

The Colts and Packers are in the NFL Playoffs own ‘Final Four’. Both are picked to lose their game today. Each has been beaten with ease by the opponents they are facing today. Green Bay lost to Seattle to start this season 35-16. Indianapolis lost to the Patriots 42-20 in week 11.

The Packers and Colts are led by two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck. Both men started their careers in the shadow of legends. Their predecessors Green Bay’s Brett Favre  and Indy’s Peyton Manning held or hold virtually every NFL passing record. Since taking over their teams Rodgers, and now Luck as deftly as they move around the pocket, have created their own paths to greatness.

For the Packers and Rodgers even after winning the Super Bowl just 4 years ago, they still feel this group has something to prove. Rodgers in his 10th year realizes his time to play at such an extraordinary level is closing. He knows a win over Seattle would put him in the conversation to be considered among the G.O.A.T.

For Andrew Luck and the Colts they believe it’s their time. Although they were beaten soundly by the Patriots last year, Indy is playing with lots of confidence. Luck’s savvy and talent already have moved him near the top of the food chain of NFL QBs. Look for the Colts to ride the wave and keep this game close.

NFL Playoff Profile: Patriots and Seahawks-Confirming greatness/Establishing Your Legacy

18 Jan

           Seahawk Logo Patriot Logo

Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots- The Favorites

Each of the teams have of course the desire to advance the Super Bowl and win. This is the goal for ALL 32 NFL teams at the beginning of each season. But for these remaining 4 teams there are additional currents underneath for the team and their QBs. For the Patriots and Tom Brady it’s about joining the ranks of teams and QBs considered G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) If the Pats win vs the Colts they will play in their 6th Super Bowl in in the last 14 years and be AFC Champions for the 8th time in that same time period. Tom Brady would be making a record 6th start as QB in the game and win would tie him with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only QB to win 4 Super Bowls.

A Seahawk win would create an opportunity to become the 1st team since the ’03-4 Patriots to repeat as champions Also Russell Wilson would continue his streak of wins over SB winning QBs and establish himself as an elite QB in the League

The CFB Playoff Championship-Then there were 2: Ohio State vs Oregon

13 Jan



The big question for this game is can OSU Soph QB Cardale Jones keep pace with Oregon Heisman Winner Marcus Mariota? The answer to that question will go a long way to determine the winner to this game. We think Ohio State with  the running of Jones and RB Ezekiel Elliott will allow the Buckeyes to slow down the Ducks attack. For Oregon if they can rush the ball (over 300 yds against FSU)  they will be tough to beat. We’re picking The Ohio State Buckeyes in a close one 34-31

Fox Gone in Denver. Manning to retire? What next for Broncos

12 Jan
John Fox leaves Denver ( )

John Fox leaves Denver (

As posted by Darin Gantt in PFT by NBC blog. Broncos head coach John Fox has decided to leave the Broncos after 4 years. The post was based on reports from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports who indicated the parting was mutual. Speculation is that it may have to do with status of QB Peyton Manning playing next year. Could Fox’s next stop be Atlanta? Or will the coach hang it up considering he did have a heart attack last year? Stay tuned #Broncos #JohnFox #PeytonManning #Fox Sports #NFL


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